Fresh Graduates Meet! These are tips for a good paying Moncer career


For new graduates or fresh graduate, usually will immediately look for work. Of course, having a job with a fantastic salary is the dream of many people.

However, it is worth making a career plan or career planning before starting to look for work. Career planning is a process that includes exploring options and preparing oneself for a career. For example, such as collecting information related to careers or jobs and things that must be prepared to get the job.

Human Resources (HR) Practitioner and Consultant Audi Lumbantoruan said having career planning is very important. “We never know when it’s running. Many people try here and there, the purpose is just to try and test, but he doesn’t know that time is running out and what he has done has made his choices shorter,” he told detikcomMonday (9/1/2023).

Audi added, before applying for various jobs it is better to ask yourself what you really want to achieve in life. According to him, a position is a manifestation of what we like at work. For example, if you like writing, you could become a writer or journalist.

Tips for Making Career Planning:

1. See job vacancies

New graduates can start browsing job vacancies on sites such as JobStreet or LinkedIn.

2. Contact Alumni

New graduates can ask alumni at their respective universities or schools if there are new job vacancies at the alumni’s workplace.

“What’s certain is that it also opens up opportunities for communication with alumni. For example, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, you can ask what the work model is like there. There could be information ‘oh we have an opening in March.’ That’s also a good thing, you can consider it,” he said

3. Apprenticeship

Offer to do internships or volunteer to help with jobs. For the record, not all companies openly provide information that their company needs apprentices. Therefore, you must also be active in seeking opportunities for internships.

“The important thing is to get the opportunity first. It gets a plus point because the recruiters will see and check it later,” he said.

4. Join the CDC

If it’s still difficult to get an internship, we also propose projects or carry out assignments through the Career Development Center (CDC) on campus to the destination company. The CDC has a role in helping students get jobs.

It would be better if the project carried out could be presented in front of the management and the company so that the company also knows the results of the project being carried out. However, Audi reminds you to look for interesting titles or topics for the projects you are running.

Audi admits that all the tips given focus on opening up opportunities or job opportunities with more tangible results. “That is, the results are visible, the shape is visible, and the recommendations are faster,” he said.

Apart from new graduates, Audi also mentioned several tips for students who have not graduated in planning their future careers. One of them is utilizing the final project.

“My advice, these female students open their eyes and ears to any company or organization that is used as an object, whether when they graduate there will be an opportunity to join the company or organization,” said Audi.

However, if there is no opportunity, students can find out job vacancies from competing companies. “This can be a consideration because it is from the same industry,” he concluded.

Previously, M Aqil Fikri had received a double-digit salary when he just graduated. However, he mentioned the things that must be done when you want to apply for a job.

“First, you can research industries and companies well. Find out first what industries are capable of providing high salaries in the early stages. Such as start-ups, consultants to management trainees for international companies,” he told detikcom, Saturday (7/1/ 2023) ago.

He revealed, if these new graduates want to apply in companies but not according to college majors. Then you can learn these things by participating in bootcamps and building a large number of portfolios.

“You can also ask seniors or friends who have worked earlier. Ask about the salary range and what is needed in the company we want to go to,” he explained.

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