Hose slings – synthetic lifting straps

Slings are one of the most used elements for lifting loads. They are available in various configurations and can be made of many materials, making them easy to fit the specific needs of the company. Are synthetic hose slings able to provide the same safety and comfort of use as those created from natural components?

Synthetic and natural materials

Such an important issue as safe lifting of goods forces entrepreneurs to choose equipment that will be able to ensure maximum effectiveness. Each company needs products that are reliable and properly designed for a given task. Slings are available in many different types, including those made of steel rope, chain, natural and synthetic fibers. Hose slings are created from the last ones and can be available in several options – one-, two-, three- and four-leg and in closed circuit.

Hose slings are made of high-strength polyester fibers. They are able to provide the same load capacity as other – much heavier – materials. They weigh relatively little and are also resistant to:

• high and low temperatures,

• oils,

• lubricants,

• moisture.

• acids.

Modern fibers can easily match and even outgrow the properties of natural raw materials, which is why hose slings are a good and economical option for all companies that are looking for equipment for temporary work or that works with delicate machines. These types of slings are perfect for construction and marine works, as well as for transferring sensitive materials.

Closed loop multi-legged slings

Single or multi-leg slings are composed of a main link, strands that are soft and light, as well as a given ending, e.g. hooks. Due to the fact that they provide several places to attach the load, they offer stability and safety at a high level. This solution also helps minimize shock load problems.

Closed-loop hose slings have infinite loops, thanks to which they can provide more reliable support for carried goods. They also work in situations where the load pressure point can change. It is also a much more versatile option, because such hose slings can be attached to multiple products without the need for hooks. These slings have a protective polyester sleeve that ensures the durability of the equipment itself, and also protects the transported goods when lifting and lowering heavy loads, offering slightly better protection.