Mainline receives grants to support Diabetes education

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Mainline Health received a grant from Entergy for a total of $922.27! This will help support our Diabetes and Health Education Program, in hopes of improving health outcomes for patients with Diabetes.

MHSI will establish a diabetes education program by enrolling 250 qualified patients into the program, purchasing educational supplies and demonstrating how to prepare healthy food options. By making this program available to patients throughout Southeast Arkansas, MHSI will continue their fight to create a healthier culture. MHSI will use the Entergy grant funding to purchase food models to utilize during the program with the patients. These models will help educate patients on what to eat and how much to eat in order to manage their diabetes. The models will be used for many years to come and have a lasting impact on the health of Southeast Arkansas!

For more information about our Diabetes Education Program, visit our website site at