Rope slings – application, types and recommendation

Rope slings are an important element of lifting accessories and are widely used in various industries – both industrial and specialized. They connect the load with the device, and due to the fact that they are available in a wide range of configurations, they can be used in many processes. They will work in any company where the safe and quick movement of goods is a priority. We encourage you to read the article.

Where are linear slings used?

Rope slings are preferred for heavy load lifting operations, which are an integral part of activities on construction sites, shipyards and warehouses. They are an inseparable component of accessories in the manufacturing industry, and also when work requires the transport of bulky items. The great advantage of rope slings is that they are able to withstand spectacular loads. This aspect largely depends on the type of equipment used, and the choices are, among others:

  • one-piece slings,
  • multi-part slings,
  • through slings,
  • slings with one or more endings.

Construction of rope slings

The categories of rope slings are generally named based on the steel rope design. The number of wires forming the strand is taken into account here, as well as the number of strands themselves wrapped around the core. For example, a 6 × 19 rope is made of 6 strands of 19 wires, and a 6 × 37 rope is 6 strands made of 37 wires.

Which line slings will be ideal for given processes is related to their durability, maximum load and construction. There are different types of slings used in industry, and the most popular ones are:

Eye slings

Usually used in hooks and baskets. The oval “eye”, which is usually reinforced with carbon steel, allows you to attach any material to them. These rope slings are durable and reliable, so they are a very popular choice because of their versatility.

Belt slings

They are designed for general lifting purposes because they are directly connected to the load by placing it in loops. Their design makes them an excellent tool for transporting packages with pre-prepared attachment points.

Multi-part slings

They are particularly effective at high loads, because thanks to them the weight is evenly distributed over all body parts. Multi-part slings are flexible and durable, and their design also allows for easy rope control, which is crucial for safe lifting.