SGI releases definition for excessive loudness, will hold education days –

SGI is making some noise about their work in defining how loud is too loud for vehicles in Saskatchewan.

Previously, no exact definition was set for when a vehicle was too loud, with drivers and enforcement officers having to guess.

This applies to all light vehicles such as passenger cars, pickup trucks, minivans, SUVs and motorcycles.

Now, with the new definition, SGI Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy is hoping the new information helps people to keep the streets quiet.

“The standard of 101.3 decibels was based on research conducted by SGI on federally compliant vehicles. I believe they went to a dealership and tested a Ford Shelby Mustang and some other vehicles that were in good working condition, in perfect conditions, to see how loud they get. Even vehicles that are pretty loud, we want to make sure that if they are in good working condition, they haven’t been modified to make excess noise, that they would not find themselves not complying with the law.”

McMurchy says their own testing method will be deployed to inspection sites across the province so drivers can know just how loud their vehicle is.

“The test method that is being rolled out to inspection stations throughout the province is consistent with the methods that have been established by the Society of Automotive Engineers and so they’ll be testing equipment and training will be provided to those inspection stations throughout the province as the equipment becomes available.”

Drivers will also be able to learn more this month in two cities, as SGI is hosting educational days in a new definition.

“Right now there are education days in June in Regina and Saskatoon and these are established for motorists to be able to test their vehicles without any consequence to gain an understanding about whether their vehicle is over the established threshold. The test will be free on those particular days,” said McMurchy, “It’s June 17th in Regina and June 24th in Saskatoon. As testing capability rolls out through the problems, there may be additional education days as well, announced in the future. So we want people to stay tuned for that.”

McMurchy says that people who want to learn more about the recent changes can search for more info at