Skillnote Releases Career Management Feature to Encourage Voluntary Career Development of Manufacturing Professionals

TOKYO, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Skillnote Corporation has released a career management feature in its skill management system Skillnote.

The career management feature provides a view of skills, qualifications and training programs required for each role and responsibility together with employees’ progress status, thus encouraging them to develop skills voluntarily.

This feature intends to help employees see their career path and gain the skills and qualifications they need for career development. Organizations will be able to support employees’ career development based on precise understanding of their current position in a career path, which leads to motivating employees and reducing employee turnover.

Highlights of career management feature

  • Set and clarify roles and responsibilities required for an organization in graded manner
  • Set and clarify skills, qualifications and training programs required for each grade
  • Visualize skills and qualifications employees have received
  • Allow employees to use the system to plan and manage the roadmap for obtaining skills and qualifications

Background development

As the manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly in recent years, continuous skill improvement of employees is essential for businesses to enhance their competitive edge. Therefore, it is increasingly important for companies to support diverse ways of working and career development for employees. Skillnote’s vision is to ‘realize a world where all workers can grow and have a fulfilling career.’ Designed to accompany workers and help them unleash their future potential by looking at their current position in their career, this important, iconic feature allows Skillnote to get one step closer to its vision.

About the Skill note skill management system

Skillnote is a cloud-based service enabling the centralized management and operation of competence matrices that have conventionally been managed on manufacturing sites using paper or spreadsheet software. The registration and visualization of manufacturing site skills and training data enables the realization of systematic human resource development and personnel assignment utilizing skill data, and contributes to the resolution of issues related to human resource management in the manufacturing industry such as the transfer of skills, multi -skill training and industry-ready personnel.

About Skillnote Corporation

Skillnote Corporation (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEOs: Takafumi Yamakawa) was founded in 2016 and is a global company providing the Skillnote skill and training management system focused on manufacturing sites. With the vision of “Realize a world where all workers can grow and have a fulfilling career” the company is aiming for the realization of a society where everyone is involved in manufacturing works energetically by scientifically analyzing the growth of people working in manufacturing. See for details.

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