SoE Ministry to blacklist cheaters in joint recruitment examination

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Minister of State-owned Enterprises (SOE) Erick Thohir was instructed to include into the permanent blacklist those found cheating in the joint state-owned enterprises’ recruitment examination.

Thohir emphasized that firm actions would be taken against those involved in all forms of cheating at the joint recruitment examination, as it runs counter to the core values ​​of state-owned enterprises.

“I had been informed about some participants who cheated during their recruitment examination. This is unacceptable, and I press for firm actions to be taken against those who cheat and are detected by the ministry’s digital technology system,” Thohir noted in a statement here, monday.

He also urged the ministry’s Deputy for Human Resources, Technology and Information, Tedi Bharata, to sanction participants who cheated in the examination.

“I urge the ministry’s deputy for human resources, technology, and information to investigate this incident thoroughly. If the action proves to violate the law, I ask them not to hesitate to report to the police, and if they are proven guilty, we will blacklist them from all state-owned enterprises,” the minister stressed.

Participants in state-owned enterprises’ recruitment examination must prove that they are honest and trustworthy from the start. Moreover, cheating is inconsistent with prevailing religious and cultural values ​​as well as national character development.

“We are facing global challenges that require the younger generation to be keen to work hard in honesty as the foundation of their professionalism. Those, who cheat, are failed even at the starting level. I hope they will not repeat their mistakes wherever they will be,” Thohir remarked.

Meanwhile, Bharata confirmed to have received the report about organized cheating on the recruitment examination centered at a messaging application group under the guise of a test-prep service.

“Our investigation identified 39 names of individuals who participated in the group. Apart from being crossed out of the examination, they will be blacklisted from participating in any future programs of the ministry or state companies,” the ministry’s deputy stated.

He remarked that technologies in the electronic-based joint state-owned enterprises recruitment examination could detect cheating activities conducted by participants, such as screenshotting, shifting between tabs, and other suspicious activities.

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